MY story

My name is Siera Lewis. You probably don't know me.  But you will.  

Because I'm going to change the world.


Ah, my first. A first is so rare. So precious, so symbolic. She was my first and she was gone too soon. Little did I know she was going to be my reason for feeling such injustice, such agony and anger and ultimately lead me to my life's purpose.


A little background:

Her name was Sadie, rescued from a shelter and given to me as a Christmas gift (no, not condoning animals as gifts- more on that later) but she passed away that next summer.


The main thing to know was that I wasn’t there when she passed.


I was very young, she was hit by a car and no one came forward. That is the information that you need to understand a little more about how this passion started so young.


How the loss of one life shaped me into the person I am today and how there is nothing that compels me as much as saving animals.

All kinds.

I share this story for you to take a peek into my world, to get a bit of a better understanding of how serious I am.

How determined I am.

How this WILL be my life’s work.

The change will come. I will persevere.

I will conquer and I will rise.

For all those that can’t.