Hashbrown Hash

Y'all know I LOVE my potatoes!

This is a great way to be creative with ingredients & sauces!


🌹Frozen diced hashbrowns

🌹Frozen corn

🌹Sauteed onion

🌹Daiya Cheddar block cheese

🌹 Olive oil

🌹 Ketchup and Bbq sauce (optional)

🌹Spices (salt, pepper, rosemary, red pepper flakes, 4 peppercorn)

How to Create:

- Add oil & cook hashbrowns (as seen on the package)

- Cook corn (as seen on the package)

- Shred cheese and cut onions

- When hashbrowns are almost cooked, add onions and spices

- Cover and mix frequently (may have to add more oil)

- Add cheese

- Plate and add sauces!

- Gobble!

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