This was my first time ever making nachos, especially vegan ones!


✨ Siera Suggests - when placing nachos and cheese on, layer the cheese on the chips not just throw all on top, that way each chip gets cheese!

✨ Siera Suggests - don't layer chips too much, as this will cause some chips to be a little softer than others (unless that's your goal!)


🌹 Farm boy Refried Bean chips (tastes like normal chips! + you get protein)

🌹 Yves Original Ground Veggie

🌹 Presidents Choice Plant-Based Mozzarella-Style Shreds (mozza cheese)

🌹 Onions (raw)

🌹 Mushrooms (sautéed)

🌹 Green onions (optional)

🌹 Farm Boy Hot salsa

🌹 Earth Island Dairy Free Sour Cream w/ red chilli pepper flakes (later I added chipotle tabasco!

Spices and sauces for my meatless- ground beef substitute! (more spice, the more flavour! Get creative!)

🌹 Honey Garlic sauce

🌹 4 peppercorn spice

🌹 paprika

🌹 red chilli pepper flakes

🌹 Dry rosemary

🌹 Dry oregano

How to create:

🌹 Chop all veggies you wanna use

🌹 Cook veggies and your protein (lightly, as it will cook in the oven)

🌹 Throw all ingredients over the chips and cover with cheeeeeese!

✨ Place in oven and cook for 12 minutes... check and cook accordingly to your taste

✨ Keep in mind, dairy-free cheese doesn't melt the same so keep an eye out!

🌹 Gobble!

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