Teriyaki Beefless Bowl

This is a simple meal that needs a microwave and one pan!

On work weeks simple is the way to go, especially when time is limited!🌹



🌹Quinoa (made in my meal prep)

🌹 Lettuce


🌹Frozen corn

🌹Baby carrots

🌹Red pepper




🌹 Presidents Choice Beefless Strips

🌹Garlic (roasted, minced or raw)

🌹 Green onions - for fun

Sauce & Spices:

🌹Soy Sauce


🌹Daiya Caesar Dressing


Siera Suggests✨- the more spices, the tastier! but of course these are optional



🌹Salt & pepper

🌹Red chilli pepper flakes

How to Create:

🌹Throw quinoa and corn in microwave

🌹Sauté onions, peppers, carrots

🌹Stab carrots (so the sauce absorbs and softens carrots) and add soya sauce to veggies

🌹Add garlic and cover for a minute or two - mix so it doesn't burn

🌹Add beefless strips and a little more soya sauce - cover

🌹Add spinach and start prepping the bowl

🌹Add salad and dressing and quinoa into bowl, pour veggies on

🌹Add teriyaki


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