Valley Farm Market

When exploring on my Mother-Daughter road trip #3, we stumbled across a farmers market called @valleyfarmmarket lured in by the smell of fresh bakery and of course, the farm.

Products were abundant such as local honey, butter pecan tarts, loaves of bread, oils, and environmentally conscious products such as the company @thehappybuddahsoapco & @primheirloomdesigns which are some of the products mom and I purchased.

The products that we purchased (and are absolutely loving) were:

🌹 Lip scrub: Coconut

🌹 Beeswax Food Wraps - comes in 3 sizes

🌹 Hemp whipped body butter: Sea salt & Sage

🌹 Prim Heirloom Designs: Zero Waste Facial Rounds


Local businesses are key to the growth of the economy. Supporting any local businesses will make the world of a difference. Other than directly allowing families to have a roof over their head and food on their table. here are a couple of reasons that it's so important to buy locally:

🌹 It aids in the economic stimulus which means that the money is kept within the community. Helping those who help them keep & manage their business.

🌹Creates character and prosperity. The character of your local community is influenced by those that have a business within the area, which results an increase in the overall value of community.

🌹Environmental impact is reduced. It’s fairly self-explanatory, less pollution, habitat loss, and more.

🌹Provides jobs for those in the community and the customer service ultimately is better and more natural.

So yes, it may be easier and potentially cheaper to buy off companies like Amazon, but your overall experience and purchase will have more of these positive impacts for the long run.

Sincerely Siera🌹

Comment below if you'd like me to do individual reviews on each of the products listed above.

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