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Hey, Y'all🌹

One of the toughest things I found about becoming a vegan was finding appealing and appetizing food to eat.  My parents are foodies, and so I've become one by osmosis.  So I've decided to share some of the favourite concoctions that I've come up with, or to share recipes that I've found that I LOVE to eat.  

So, just a heads up about all recipes...

I very much don't use measurements, unless it's based upon a pre-existing recipe (which I will state) 

This allows you to take my recipe and make to your own!  Create it to your catered taste preferences - sweet, spicy, cheesy etc!

I hope that you enjoy them!  And if you give them a try and love them, make sure to comment, as I'd love to hear what you think!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Breakfast Bagel
Salad Based Bowl-Fish
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